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What are Instagram hashtags for?

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing pages nowadays. Basically you get an app for your Smartphone, take cool pictures, crop and post-filter them with the app and automatically upload them to your own collection. Other people check them out, like them or leave a kind comment and basically that's what the most people use instagram for.

But of course in this quickly growing selection there are millions of pictures. So how to find the ones you are interested in? It's just easy – hashtags! A hashtag is actually a word or an unspaced expression/phrase with# in front of it. It looks like this: #thisisahashtag! They are a practical form of metadata-links which help directly group’s contents in a specific topic-- you just have to search for Why should I buy Instagram followers? the hashtag and as a result you get everything containing that exact tag. They are like virtual sticky notes and you can use them the same way. Imagine that you are sorting your old stuff in the attic: if you have something interesting (a picture, a piece of information, a topic of interest), you create a tag for it and mark it. You can create groups by using the same color (in our case the same hashtag) so later, if you come back you can find easily the marked items. And of course there are commonly used hashtags, so you can find similar contents by searching for these tags.
Instagram hashtags were also invented for making the searches easier and more efficient. When you're uploading a new picture you get the opportunity to place any hashtags with which other users or business clients can easily find these photos amongst the millions. You can specify your content by place, time, topic, or any other method you feel fitting. This can actually help you see the whole content of your page easily through but it's more for others to find you. People with business may find this easier to get good customers by using hashtags and tagging their company pamphlets or logs etc. In short hashtags are helpful for all.
This provides of course a great opportunity for people to promote their business-related content on Instagram too. You just need to find or create the right hashtags and potential clients will find your pictures on the front page of their search results! But how to find the most popular hashtags if you don't want to search through the whole Instagram database for them? Well, the easiest way is to type into your search bar “hashtags instagram” and there you go – the list of the most used tags is right in front of you. Just pick a suitable one and add some own tags too – the success is guaranteed.
Of course instagram isn't the only site using these smart little tags. Twitter was the first of the social networking sites which started to use them but nowadays every bigger web page and even advertisements use them as cute and useful assistance for popularity.

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