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Instagram fun for yourself or social activity?

When social networking became popular, it was known and obvious how to use these sites and what for. Text-based pages, like Twitter have it easy. You tweet, they read it, and some leaves comments, done. Facebook is basically for friends and family but how is it with the picture-sharing sites, like Instagram?

Yes, the boundaries of purpose for these sites are not so clear-cut anymore. Some people use them to create personal “timelines”, walls of snapshots, like a virtual scrapbook about their lives and the significant components of their existing (let it be cats, dogs, children, holiday memories, etc.). Others use them for business advertising, especially artists and designers. But either you are a private person or a company-representative, Instagram followers and likes always matter. Who would post the net full with their contents without longing for attention and recognition of the other people. Some of us settle for the likes and the followings of our real-life friends and family-members but there are some individuals (or promoting pages) who seek worldwide attention and popularity. Those people are even willing to spend money for this virtual fame.

In case of a business advertisement buying likes and followers are quite reasonable and also a cheap way to get more attention for their web page, products, etc. For a private page it's more about showing off with the remarkable number of fans following the page (and keeping track of the major events of the owner's life through it). Well, the number of instagram likes can actually show  one's place and rank in the youth' society. The elder generations usually have no clue about the importance of instagram followers and likes and the actual role they can play in their Children’s' lives. Being popular on Twitter, having many friends on Facebook, it's not the same. On Instagram they post their own contents, something they created and if other young people find those things worthy of their likes it actually can motivate them to upload more pictures and self-made creative contents. Which can mean that they finally stand up from in front of the computer and go out to make some new photos. Win-win game.

Without judging anyone, I'd like to add that the responsibility partly lies with the parents. Like-hunters are usually desperate attention-seekers who are incapable of making real social interactions, so the only contact they have with the outside world runs through symbolic gestures such as likes and followings. They can feel their own importance through them and they keep these children satisfied which can mentally and emotionally disfigure such a young being.

So people out there, How to get likes on Instagram? watch out for each other! Do not let our children become emotional zombies who can only trust someone 100% virtual. Social networking sites are really cool and great fun if you find to use them properly – and I think it's also something to learn. Don't get lost in the worldwide maze of the internet, just use it with reason – it will serve you well!

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