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Buying Instagram followers and likes

Instagram is one of the most popular picture and video sharing sites now days. Many young people share their favourite (and also beautifully post-filtered) photos on a daily basis – practically about anything. You can post whatever you want: your food, your cat, your new outfit, a selfie with a beloved person... And of course people want to be liked!

Like in every other aspect of life (especially in community sites and media) people are keen to get other people to like their content – in this case their personal moments frozen in well-edited pictures. And what if they don't do it by themselves? You can also buy the popularity you need!

There are several ways for regular Instagram users to simple ways to get followers on Instagram get followed. The easiest way of course is buying your own followers – there are several web sites offering real ig followers, likes and comments for a very reasonable price (average 10 $ for 1000 followers/likes). And if you'd be uncertain why you need them they are ready to ensure you that with this minor investment your profile and your pictures become visible for many prospective customers and you get other features available with an actively liked and followed the Instagram - profile.
So why not? There are millions of active instagram followers out there waiting for you to buy their click and experience the fame and popularity you never had before! It's only a matter of a small money. And if you are popular as an Insta-user, you may also become more popular on other social platforms, like Facebook or Twitter.

Nowadays it seems to become more and more important. Our generation lives socially and emotionally isolated in the real life – television, internet sites and schools teach us not to trust anyone, not to smile on the street and not to talk to strangers at the bus stop. In this cold and hostile era people need to replace real social interaction with something else – and what could be more secure than Virtuality? Pictures, showing only the beauties of the world and the remarkable moments, profiles, telling only what you want to show about yourself and populatiry (not just to show off for the other virtual creatures), the reassuring warmth of a faceless (but most certainly real) crowd loving you just for who you are (or who you show yourself to be).

As you ask me, I can understand them. It's safe. It's secure. And once you try it you start longing for their likes. Everyone. There's no one who never liked anything on the internet and you never post anything not to be liked! And it may seem painful and unreal but this is also not entirely true. I think we just have to get used to this new form of communication, popularity and social satisfaction.

So again, why is it so bad? Let's just take a couple nice pictures. Crop them. Filter them. Post them to instagram. And if the likes aren't coming? Just buy ig followers!

Don't be the product, buy the product!